Inbound Sales Academy's Training Program
Teaches Individual Sales Reps to
Convert Inbound Leads to Sales

Transform Your Inbound Leads to Sales

The Internet has changed how people buy… Have you changed the way you sell?

How ISA Can Help

For the Sales Rep

Inbound Sales Training

Sales reps come to ISA to build their inbound selling skills and acquire the skills, knowledge and tools necessary to engage inbound leads and close deals in today’s digital economy.

For the Sales Manager

Managing an Inbound Sales Team

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For the C-Suite

Shortening the Inbound Sales Cycle

ISA’s Program on Shortening the Inbound Sales Cycle is designed to provide C-level executives with a framework for performance improvement through inbound marketing and sales.

Buying Decision that Begin Online
Buyer's Journey Completed BEFORE Talking to Sales
B2B & B2C Companies Using Inbound
Companies Calling Inbound Effective

Inbound marketing delivers 54% more leads than outbound marketing, but…

Making the shift from outbound selling to inbound selling requires a different approach to sales.


For companies seeking to generate greater revenue, the Inbound Sales Academy will provide the first and only inbound sales training program that improves the ability of marketing and sales teams to attract and close leads, resulting in increased sales and profit for the business.

About ISA

The way that people buy has also changed the way companies must sell. The problem is that until now, there has been no defined process or training program through which to do this. Through ISA’s inbound sales training curriculum, companies can shorten the sales cycle and grow their revenues.

What Others Are Saying

  • I'm really excited about what the Inbound Sales Academy is doing.

    Mark Roberge
    Mark Roberge Chief Revenue Officer | HubSpot
  • As a Gold Level HubSpot Partner, my business is growing. The eight week ISA seminar on hiring has outlined how to build a hiring process that will help me bring on the right salespeople and impact my business for years to come.

    Rick Whittington
    Rick Whittington Whittington Consulting

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The ISA Inbound Sales Training curriculum includes specialized programs for Sales Reps, Sales Managers, and corporate executives.

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