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marketing-sales-alignmentIn the marketing world, the buyer’s journey is king. But in sales, everyone worships at the alter of the sales process. That means when an inbound lead is first captured, it’s described in two different languages.

This disconnect between the two needs to be fixed. Process and methodology must be examined so that you can achieve sales and marketing alignment. Speak the same language, or at least become bilingual and understand what your coworkers are communicating.

Companies need to address the communication gap. In a perfect world, the alignment of the two processes is proportionate. That said, there are parts of the sales process that simply don’t align with the buyer’s journey. If your inbound marketing strategy does not take those process-to-buyer’s-journey gaps into account, this will actualize as missed business opportunities.

However, it’s important to keep in mind that a sales process is not the same thing as a sales methodology. A sales process is something that’s unique to an individual company or organization. Process must to adjust to the journey. See where it hits and misses based on inbound leads. Adjust that process and inbound selling becomes a success story.

So what’s the real problem?

A deep understanding of your client and the political process they must navigate within their own organizations is an essential element of a successful sale. There is no comparable step in the buyer’s journey to what is happening politically within your prospect’s organization. The people, process, politics, agendas, etc., are unique to each company.

That means a keen understanding of the political landscape, players and agendas is well beyond the buyer’s journey and sales process. But it’s also critical to closing leads, both inbound and outbound.

What is the secret to closing sales?

What value does an exceptional sales rep bring to the table? Collaboration. A superb sales rep knows that they must immerse themselves and quickly establish a relationship with their client. Any sales rep who is worth their weight in gold, can navigate and quickly establish the relationship and begin the collaboration process.

This extends beyond the product, service or problem you are solving, into an understanding the landscape of the client and how to navigate those waters. Many clients need help bringing their project to the forefront of their organization and an excellent sales rep can be of great value in assisting that process. Navigating the political landscape, side by side with your prospect, will facilitate closing a sale.

Final Thought

In order to be successful, you need to take the time to understand the nature of the problem your prospect has and dive deeper. The value you can provide a sales rep is a process that’s aligned and executed properly. The reward? Higher revenue for the company and yourself.


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