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Selling Requires Skills

Sales has changed drastically over the last 20 years. Social media has forever changed the way business is done and opportunities created. However, sales skills are still necessary for facilitating a final purchase. The sales assessment Alignment Group uses evaluates seven skill sets and that information is utilized when building a sales team. This is part eight of a blog series focused on sales evaluation and skills to look for when you hire sales reps. Follow the entire series starting here.

What IS Sales Posturing and WHY Should It Be Evaluated?

Effective sales people demonstrate multiple, positive qualities that go far beyond making the sale. These sales best practices include demonstration of sales posturing skills, which are possibly the least tangible and hardest to quantify. Sales posturing is the salesperson’s ability to differentiate one’s self from the competition by asking questions, developing a better relationship, demonstrating expertise, being a problem solver, caring, and gaining trust. Gaining an understanding of your sales reps ability to connect and develop relationships is crucial to recognizing potential success.

Develops Relationships Early

A sales rep with strong sales posturing skills is adept at developing authentic relationships early. This sales person possesses sales empathy; that is empathy for prospects real problems. This empathy does not extend to stalls, excuses and put-offs by prospective clients and allows the rep to maintain an authentic relationship without compromising integrity.

Goal Oriented and Optimistic

This rep is a problem solver! He or she takes full responsibility of the sale and works independently towards a positive outcome. This is no Negative Nelly; sales optimism is present in each individual sales situation with the appropriate amount of sales assertiveness. Being assertive without being overly confident or timid is a positive asset that fosters relationship building. By maintaining focus on the end goal, this sales person keeps the conversation on track.

Consultative Seller

The sales person who is a master at sales posturing also possesses all of the traits of the consultative seller. This rep anticipates the needs of prospects, develops rapport, asks qualified questions, is an active listener, uses technology for research and becomes a trusted advisor to his or her clients. Take a look at the blog on consultative selling skills to gain a deeper understanding of the skill set.

Keep Filling the Funnel

As we continue this series on sales skills, I am sure you notice great crossover between the different sales skills categories. That is because a myriad of skills are present within each sales skill set. These are not ‘stand-alone’ skills. Sales effectiveness is typically measured by revenue, but there is more to selling than the end result. Consider how much you can grow YOUR team with the right people in the optimum positions.


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