There are plenty of sales training programs on the market, but none that offers a curriculum exclusively focused on building the capacity of Sales Reps, Sales Managers, and the organizations that employ them to engage and close inbound leads.

Clearly, the way we sell is out of whack with the way people buy. With buyers taking control over the process, sellers must first understand where they are in their buying journey and then find ways to help them and add value, NOT interrupt and annoy them. This is easier said than done, especially when you consider that most sales-driven organizations track quantitative things like sales activity (number of calls, meetings, demos, etc.) and quotas rather than qualitative things like the value of a lead and the nature of the interaction.

Making the shift from outbound selling to inbound selling requires cultural change within companies and amongst sales teams. It requires a different approach to sales, as well as a different approach to sales management.

The ISA Inbound Sales Training curriculum includes specialized programs for Sales Reps, Sales Managers, and corporate executives, all with the aim of enabling companies to consistently meet their revenue goals through effective inbound sales practices. Our training programs are designed for a busy, professional audience, and include self-paced, online (video) training paired with weekly, small group, live video coaching sessions led by seasoned inbound sales experts. In addition, all participants will benefit from our resource library of tools and educational materials, and every trainee will leave their ISA program with a comprehensive, personalized Inbound Sales Action Plan.

For the Sales Rep

Inbound Sales Training

Sales reps come to ISA to build their inbound selling skills and acquire the skills, knowledge and tools necessary to engage inbound leads and close deals in today’s digital economy.

For the Sales Manager

Managing an Inbound Sales Team

Coming soon

For the C-Suite

Shortening the Inbound Sales Cycle

ISA’s Program on Shortening the Inbound Sales Cycle is designed to provide C-level executives with a framework for performance improvement through inbound marketing and sales.

Transform Your Inbound Leads to Sales

The Internet has changed how people buy… Have you changed the way you sell?

For companies seeking to generate greater revenue, the Inbound Sales Academy will provide the first and only inbound sales training program that improves the ability of marketing and sales teams to attract and close leads, resulting in increased sales and profit for the business.

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