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Inbound-Selling-Podcast-LogoThis is the second episode of Inbound Selling, the official podcast of the Inbound Sales Academy, and is the first with a special guest- the one and only George B. Thomas. The goal of the Inbound Selling podcast is to help business leaders, salespeople, and sales managers learn from one another’s experiences.

On this episode, “John Squared” talk to George B. Thomas of The Sales Lion about inbound sales techniques, methodologies, and strategies. George tells the guys a bit about his past sales experience, discusses the magic of assignment selling, and all three of the guys talk about their love of Cinnamin Toast Crunch.

George is also asked the Google Question: “If you had the opportunity to design Google’s home page, what would be there? What would be the message or the image or what would you do if you had that audience? What would you want to share?”

George responds: “I wouldn’t change a lot of the design because I like it crystal clear. I think the search functionality is awesome. But I would just have simple, a tagline on there. I would have one tagline on there. It would just simply say, ‘Be human. Be humble. Be helpful.'”

To hear more of George’s inbound wisdom, check out the weekly podcast “The Hubcast” hosted by himself and Marcus Sheridan.




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