In podcast, Quick Hit

Inbound-Selling-Podcast-LogoThis is the first “Quick Hit” for Inbound Selling, the official podcast of the Inbound Sales Academy. The goal of the Inbound Selling podcast is to help business leaders, salespeople, and sales managers learn from one another’s experiences. “Quick Hit” episodes recap previous full length episodes and provide actionable inbound sales tips.

In this “Quick Hit”  John Booth goes rogue and shows off his best Peyton Manning-esque ad making skills, and John Shea reviews his previous teachings on tracking, interpreting and reacting to digital body language information. If you’ve ever wanted to hear John Booth impersonate Peyton Manning or listen to John Shea talk chicken parm cravings, you won’t want to miss this episode (and if you’ve never wanted either of those things, we still think you’ll enjoy this quick hit).



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