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28342277_sYou’re hearing a lot about sales methodologies these days, before we go into talking about specific methodologies and comparing Inbound Sales Academy’s Inbound Sales Methodology© against the more traditional outbound methodologies like SPIN selling, SNAP selling, or Challenger selling, we need to first define methodology.

What Is the Methodology?

Exactly, what is the methodology? It is, essentially, the piece of the equation that connects your goals with your journey. It answers the how questions, “How are you going to do something? How is the salesperson going to achieve their number?” They’re going to achieve it through the sales methodology.

The Challenger Methodology

The Challenger methodology focuses on three core principles:

  • Teach: The salesperson would begin by teaching about the issue or the problem that the buyer has and usually uncovering something that the buyer is unaware of.
  • Tailor: Then they would tailor their communications and their message to that specific buy.
  • Take control: They end with taking control of the sale and focusing on their end goals, even at the expense of being disliked by the customer.

Ultimately, challenger sellers are more focused on closing the sale and delivering a solution that meets the end goal than they are being liked by their buyer.

SNAP Selling

Another popular sales methodology is SNAP selling. SNAP is an acronym for simple, invaluable, aligned and priorities, and expects salespeople to first get access to the buyer and their methodology. Next they move that buyer to move from the status quo to align themselves with the salespeople’s solutions

SPIN Selling

SPIN selling stands for situation, problem, implementation, and the need or payoff. Salespeople begin with identifying the situation or the problem, its implication, and then the need or the payoff of your solution.

All of these are traditional and that they have several things in common.

What Is Wrong with These Methodologies?

All of these methodologies focus on sales activities and activities that are initiated by the salesperson. This forces the salesperson to reach out to a prospect before taking them through their own internal sales methodology. Unfortunately, this overlooks the fact that most buying decisions begin on the buyer’s side of the equation, not the seller’s side, and most buyers have an initial contact with someone who is outside of the sales department and typically this takes place within the marketing department.

What are most buyers doing? They’re going to Google. They’re typing in their question, or they’re asking Siri. Those results stem from informational content, most often created by the marketing department. Here, we have a departure from the traditional outbound sales methodologies where there isn’t a place or an understanding for the buyer initiated activity.

It’s important to note that failing to understand that buyers are initiating these activities and that buyers are seeking out this information and they’re beginning … They are driving the beginning of this methodology. If you’re not understanding and acknowledging that your buyer is beginning this methodology and that it’s not even within your sales organization, you have a problem…

Which is precisely why the Inbound Sales Academy has created a relevant Inbound Sales Methodology© designed to help company’s sell the way that buyers want to buy.


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