ISA_Generic Partner BadgeImprove inbound sales for your clients and grow your agency’s business.

The Inbound Sales Academy’s Partner Program helps agencies deliver outstanding results by ensuring their clients have the tools and skills needed to close more inbound leads.

Problems the Inbound Sales Academy’s Partner Program Solves

Can’t Prove the ROI of Your Services

Visits are up and leads are pouring in. You’re doing everything right, but your client can’t close inbound marketing leads, which means you can’t prove that you’re generating ROI. Sound familiar?

Client Churn

If the inbound leads you’re generating don’t translate into revenue for your client, your marketing services contracts are at risk. “Churning and burning” through client relationships makes it tough to grow your agency.

Disconnect between Marketing and Sales

Most agencies form close relationships with their clients’ marketing teams but struggle to get sales teams on board. This poor sales and marketing alignment makes it hard to create impactful content and often means the inbound leads you generate don’t get worked.

Difficult to Differentiate

The number of agencies offering inbound marketing services is large and growing, but only a small fraction offer their clients sales rep and sales management training programs.

ISA’s sales management training programs prepare sales reps to effectively work and close inbound leads. Clients that close more inbound deals see measurable ROI and stick with their agencies longer – it’s that simple. Agencies that can support clients to strengthen both sales and marketing will win more business and grow faster.

Deliver Better Results – Win More Business – Create a New Revenue Stream

Are You a Results-Oriented Agency?

If you’re committed to going beyond lead gen and truly delivering more value to your clients, we want you to join our community. Let’s work together to fix the problems in sales and inbound marketing alignment, help your clients close more inbound leads, and grow your agency with the first and only sales training program based on the inbound sales methodology.

Ready to Get Started?

If you believe your clients can benefit from ISA’s inbound sales training, you can earn commissions by referring them. We know that your clients’ success is the key to building your reputation and growing your business and that’s why we’ve built a program designed to help you deliver great results.


Certified ISA Partners benefit from:

Discounts on ISA Sales Management Training

Send your own team through our sales management training programs at a discount.


Earn a commission on any students you refer to us. The more students you refer, the more you’ll earn.

Partner Marketplace Listing

Get in front of ISA students looking for help with sales enablement, inbound marketing, and onboarding with sales or marketing software.

Sales Support

ISA’s sales experts are available to help you sell sales training to your customers.

Certified partners must successfully complete ISA’s Inbound Sales Training class and refer at least one student a year to maintain certification.


Apply to become a Certified ISA Partner

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