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sales-rep-field-time“Man, I wish I had more hours in this day/week/month.”

Sound familiar? We’ve all been there – mentally willing more time into our already cramped schedules. And your sales reps are no different.

Where do reps spend most of their time? Could they be more effective? A number of studies show sales reps only spend up to 30 or 40 percent of their time selling. So what’s happening during that other 60 to 70 percent?

Before we answer that, first, let’s break down what the true value of time is for a sales rep.

What Is the Value of a Sales Rep’s Time?

The most common way the performance of a sales rep is measured is against a quota or target. Training, administrative overhead tasks, meetings and entering information into the CRM all erode precious field time. Obviously we’re not suggesting doing away with all benchmarks, but now may be the time to streamline your process.

If you’re a CEO or a sales manager, it’s time to determine what success looks like for employees of your organization. Evaluate policies. Examine processes and your sales methodology. In  doing so, also consider the following:

  • How do you evaluate sales reps and consider them a success?
  • What actions are you measuring and tracking?
  • What value does that have for your goal as a company?
  • Can you delegate this task?

What does a streamlined sales process look like?

A good sales process maps out all the steps a sales rep needs to complete with key measurements taken along the way. But if you’re tracking bad information, not only does it create frustration within the sales team, it eats up valuable field time. Time the rep should be out and selling. Consider streamlining or reassigning administrative tasks and allow your reps to focus on selling out in the field.

As you examine your processes and methodology, here are a few other questions to consider:

  • What actions should be tracked to accurately measure the success of sales reps?
  • How can you streamline administrative processes? Is it cost effective to hire an administrative assistant who, for a fraction of the cost of a rep, takes on the mundane task of recording information, allowing reps more selling time in the field?
  • Look at the sales culture and processes and evaluate their effectiveness. Are the processes streamlined? Do the sales reps have to go through layers of the company to get approval for basic services? Can work be done more efficiently?
  • A good CRM creates a trail of customer interactions, correspondence, client interaction, website, and social interactions. It makes the sales person more efficient without overburdening them. The HubSpot CRM can be learned and implemented within a very short period of time.

How do you get buy-in from your sales reps? Pick one or two little things to change from the start. The goal is not to overburden reps with new tasks. Once a streamlined process and methodology is in place, evaluate the effectiveness of the new policies, over time, by tracking performance.  The pipeline will be more accurate and therefore a better indicator of future sales. Manage toward the outcome and watch revenue grow.


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